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Free to Use GPTs on Any Website

Sider simplifies your browsing experience by seamlessly integrating GPTs into your browser sidebar. Say goodbye to tab-switching and hello to uninterrupted productivity as you generate text, brainstorm ideas, or engage in conversation—all without leaving your current webpage.
Experience the convenience and power of AI assistance right at your fingertips. Install Sider now and streamline your workflow effortlessly.

How to Use GPTs in Sider

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Log in to your ChatGPT account on your browser.

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Open Sider Settings > General, select ChatGPT Webapp mode.

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Go to Sider sidebar, choose a GPT and use it on any site.

What Our User Says

We provide exceptional service to ChatGPT Plus and Free users.

A++ for ease of use, utility, and flexibility. I've tried several of the highest-rated LLM AI extensions and Sider is absolutely my favorite so far.Love that I can access more ChatGPT models through the OpenAI API, including custom models that I've created & tuned.Because I still need ChatGPT's flexibility, as well as its custom GPT's, I won't cancel my ChatGPT subscription in favor of Sider's $20 / month Pro subscription.

One Stop AI Assistant


Group AI Chat

  • GPT-3.5, GPT-4o, Claude and Gemini are supported
  • Ask any question and receive an immediate solution
  • Ask one question, get all answers from all @bots
  • ChatGPT 4o supported
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