How many queries do users have for ChatPDF?

The pre -processing cost of PDF is quite high.

Free users: 8 files in total (up to 200 pages per file)

Premium users: 50 files per day (up to approximately 2000 pages)

Is there a size limit for uploading files?

Subject to size restrictions, maximum size cannot exceed 100MB.

What is the number displayed below the GPT response in ChatPDF?

This number refers to the original source of the answer, and you can click the number to jump to the relevant paragraphs in the PDF file.

What should I do if the answer of ChatPDF is sometimes inaccurate?

  • For PDF documents within 10,000 words, Sider currently supports full-file analysis. Based on the analysis mode, theoretically high-quality answers can be provided, which is especially suitable for reading papers.
  • For PDF documents above 10,000 words, ChatPDF faces a technical limitation of large language models. ChatPDF now uses semantic search to find relevant paragraphs, and then analyzes, reasons, and summarizes found paragraphs to provide answers.

However, this approach may not meet user expectations since it analyzes based on relevant paragraphs rather than the full document. This is a technical challenge that all products with Chat Docs feature encounters. We are actively seeking solutions to address this issue.

Does ChatPDF support using the user's own API Key?

Since PDF requires preprocessing, it is not supported to use users' own API Key.