Queries Issue

How many queries do free users currently have?

Free User has: *30 Fast Text Queries/Day,  *20 Image Queries Total,  *10 PDFs Total, 200 pages/PDF.

Why is my daily 30 GPT-3.5 queries not updated?

1) Please confirm if you have logged in;

2) Please log in again, and then refresh the page;

3) When you search on Google, the GPT response on the right side of the search page will also consume queries. You can turn off "Always" mode in your settings and switch to "Manually" mode, which means that you will only receive GPT responses when you manually click on it. How to set: "Settings"-"Search page"-"When to ask"-"Manually".

set search page manually

Credits decreased without use?

You can check the actual usage and remaining credits in 'my account - billing'. If the numbers still don't match, please contact care@sider.ai promptly.

How many queries are consumed each time different features are used?

Currently, except for ‘YouTube summary’ which consumes 4 fast text queries, and ‘Search Agent’ using 3 fast text queries per time, and ‘Claude 3 opus’ consuming 2 advanced text queries, other features only use 1 query of the corresponding type.