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June 15, 2024Version: 4.11.0

We're excited to launch Sider 4.11.0, packed with innovative enhancements designed to revolutionize your reading experience. At the heart of this update is the powerful new Deep Reader feature, meticulously crafted to help you effortlessly navigate and understand complex documents.

Deep Reader: In-Depth Reading Made Easy

Whether you’re navigating multiple webpages or delving into a variety of documents, Deep Reader ensures seamless comprehension across all your reading materials. Additionally, it equips you with critical thinking tools, making in-depth reading effortlessly manageable.

Read multiple webpages at once

read multiple files and tabs deep reader

Gone are the days of switching back and forth between tabs to keep track of multiple sources. With Deep Reader, you can effortlessly manage and analyze information from various webpages simultaneously, making it easier to synthesize information and draw connections across different sources.

Read multiple documents at once

Deep Reader also extends its capabilities to document management, enabling you to open and interact with multiple documents at the same time. Whether it's PDFs, Word documents, or any other text format, you can compare, contrast, and integrate insights from various documents without ever losing your place or context. This is ideal for comprehensive research projects, extensive studies, or any scenario where cross-referencing documents is a necessity.

Deep Reading Tools at Your Fingertips

deep reading tools of sider

The true power of Deep Reader lies in its suite of critical thinking tools which work with single or multiple pages or documents:

  • Clarify Key Concepts: Clear up confusing terminology and complex ideas in a snap.

clarify key concepts 1clarify key concepts 2

  • Identify Assumptions: Recognize underlying assumptions in any text to better understand author biases and argument foundations.

identify assumptions 1

  • Highlight Excerpts: Quickly mark and refer back to key sections of text.

highlight excerpts

  • Analyze Contrasts: Compare and contrast information seamlessly within or across documents/tabs.

analyze contrasts

  • Learn About the Author: Gain insights into the author's background and other works for a deeper understanding of the text.
  • Find Related News: Expand your research with automatically suggested related news.

find related papers

  • Watch Related Videos: Access curated video content that complements your reading material.

watch related videos

How to Use Deep Reader

Deep Reader assists you in reading from a single tab, multiple tabs, single document, or multiple documents. It is very easy to use:

Step 1. Open Sider sidebar > Chat: choose the AI model you want to use.

Step 2. Upload Files or Tabs: Click on “Upload Files”, Opt for "Choose from opened tabs" or "Upload from your computer" to start your reading session. (Choosing from opened tabs allows you to select the pages you want to read conveniently. You can also switch to the specific pages one by one, and click “Read this page” for each.)

Step3. Engage with Quick Reading Tools: Choose the quick reading tools we offered, like “Summarize”, “Clarify key concepts” and more. Or input your own query.

Step 4. Dive Deeper: Explore responses and utilize detailed reading tools for an in-depth analysis.

Introducing the Sider Fusion Model: Smart AI Selection

sider fusion (1)

Experience unmatched efficiency with the Sider Fusion model, which dynamically selects the best fast model (GPT-3.5, Claude 3 Haiku, Gemini 1.5 Flash, or Llama 3) for your specific task.

Upgrade Your Reading and Research with Sider 4.11.0

Upgrade today and transform how you read and analyze documents. Deep Reader and the Sider Fusion model provide powerful tools to help students, researchers, and professionals tackle any textual challenge. Download now and start reading smarter with Sider. We're eager for you to explore these new capabilities and achieve more with your reading.

Happy reading!