Payment Issue

How much is the limit for a paid account?

You can view the usage limits of different packages on the payment page:

How are charges calculated for upgrading a package?

You can directly select and pay for the package you want to upgrade to on the payment interface. The system automatically calculates the remaining days of your current package and converts it into a cost, which is then deducted from the new package's fee.

What should I do if I can't make a payment with Stripe/bank card?

We are using Stripe, the transaction platform which is also used by OpenAI. Maybe your cards are not supported by Stripe. We are sorry about it.

As an alternative, if you use PayPal, you can transfer to

After making the payment, please DO let us know. Since PayPal is not the default payment system connected with our product, we will need to add the premium manually for you.

Why haven't my queries arrived after making a payment?

First, check if the logged-in account in the 'account' section is the one used for payment. If so, please contact our team promptly at, and we will assist you.

For paid members, can the unused GPT-4 queries be carried over to the next month?

No, the monthly quota will be reset automatically, just like the usage limit rules of ChatGPT-3.5. OpenAI also resets our quota on a monthly basis.

When will the quota for paid members be reset? Will it be at the start of the month?

The quota reset happens one month after you subscribe, which is not based on the calendar month. For example, if you subscribe on April 15th, your quota will be reset on May 15th.

If I purchase at Sider extension, can I use Sider Mac app as well?

Sure. The account is shared on all platforms of Sider, and all platforms share the quota.

Can I issue an invoice?

The PDF format of invoice will be provided. You can download it through "My Account" - "Billing". Then you can download your invoice by clicking the button next to the payment date.

billing view payment orders

How to unsubscribe the plan?

You can unsubscribe through "My Account" - "Billing". Then you can click the ‘unsubscribe’ button to cancel it.

billing view payment orders

Is it possible to have a free trial for a period of time?

Sorry, we currently do not support free trials. If you want to experience more features, you can subscribe to the basic version first.

Will the subscription automatically renew?

Currently, subscriptions do automatically renew. If you want to cancel, you can follow the instructions provided earlier.