There are two methods to use prompt:

Method 1: In Chat

  1. Click on the lower left corner of Chat
  2. Type ‘/’ directly into the conversation

access prompt in chat 1access prompt in chat 2

Method 2: In Context Menu

3. When highlighting a word, sentences or paragraphs to bring up the context menu in a web page, you can also use prompts.

4. When writing, invoke the context menu, to use prompts.

context menu prompt 1context menu prompt 2

Manage Prompts

  1. You can open the prompt manager in settings.
  2. Create new prompt.
  3. Different features can set different prompts.
  4. Display prompts during use.
  5. Temporarily hide prompts.
  6. Edit this prompt.
  7. Make this prompt into an ‘Archive’.
  8. Edit this prompt’s name, content and use it in which feature.

manage prompt 1manage prompt 2manage prompt 3manage prompt 4