Your AI Sidekick

Sider, the ChatGPT Sidebar, serves as your helpful AI assistant that you can utilize while browsing any website.

Sider helps you read and write articles in the sidebar on all websites. It supports GPT3.5/GPT-4o model, smart internet access, YouTube summary, ChatPDF, AI painting, AI chatbots with ChatGPT, Claude and Gemini!
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One Stop AI Assistant

All-in-one AI Chatbot

Sider integrates iconic AI models into a single chatbot, like GPT-3.5, GPT-4o, Google Gemini and Claude. Get ready to explore the distinct capabilities of these different AIs!

Furthermore, Sider now fully supports group chats with AI bots, allowing you to compare the variances among various bots.

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All Mighty AI Reader

Sider offers content reading for documents, website pages, PDFs and videos. Choose features from translation, summarization, quiz, rewriting, and break free from mundane reading experiences!

That's not all. Sider also unlocks the door to your private knowledge base. Your uploaded documents and pages are ready to provide personal assistance in your work and life.

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Time-saving AI Writer

Generating articles, poems, thesis, email replies, and comments can be can be incredibly easy with the help of AI.

Previously, creating an article, encompassing topic selection, outline formation, content creation, and optimization, could take hours to days. But now, with Sider, it could be well finished in minutes or even seconds!

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Text-to-image AI Painter

With Sider, anyone can transform plain words or images into stunning arts, based on the latest Stable Diffusion.

Unlike any other AI picture program, such as Midjourney, Sider ignites your imagination by a suite of pre-trained styles that cater to over 95% usage scenarios. For dabs of prompts, Sider understands that customization is key, and allows you to effortlessly tailor your AI-generated masterpieces.

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Smart Web Access

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Magic Quick Lookup

Select text and do quick actions when reading content or writing anything on web pages with AI assistant.


All Platforms Supported

Chrome extension, Edge extension, Safari extension, iOS app, Android app, Mac app, and Windows app.

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