Explore New Possibilities with Claude 3 Haiku & Master YouTube with Enhanced AI Summaries

Sider V4.7
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Claude 3 Haiku
March 22, 2024Version: 4.7

Welcome to Sider v4.7. This update introduces two major enhancements: advanced AI-driven summaries for YouTube videos and support for Claude 3 Haiku. Let's dive into the details:

Summarize YouTube Videos Instantly in Chat

Sider v4.7 introduces the ability to get AI-generated summaries of YouTube videos directly in the chat section of the sidebar, making content more accessible and engaging:

  • Instant Video Summaries in Chat: Now, you can quickly obtain a summary of any YouTube video by simply clicking the "Read this page" button in the Chat interface of Sider sidebar.
  • Choose AI Models for YouTube Summary: Customize your summary experience by selecting from a variety of AI models.
  • Interactive Summaries for Deeper Understanding: You can ask follow-up questions or dive deeper into specific topics directly through the chat interface, making your viewing experience more interactive and personalized.

How to Summarize YouTube Video in Chat?

Step 1. Open a YouTube video in your browser.

Step 2. Open the Sider Sidebar, click “Chat”, and select the AI model that fits your summary needs.

select models

Step 3. Click the "Read this page" button in the Sider chat sidebar.

click read this page to summarize youtube video

Step 4. Click “Summarize” and receive your tailored summary directly in the chat and interact with it for a deeper understanding or further questions.

click summarize to summarize youtube video in chatbot

This feature adds a new way for you to consume video content, providing a quick, customizable, and interactive way to engage with YouTube videos.

Enhanced YouTube Summary Feature

Building on the foundation of instant summaries, v4.7 also introduces enhancements that further refine your YouTube experience:

  • Extract Video Subtitles: Access the subtitles of the video directly, allowing you to read the content at your own pace or refer back to specific segments easily.

extract subtitles using sider youtube summary

  • One-Click Summary to YouTube Comments: Engage with the broader YouTube community by effortlessly sharing your video summary in the comment section with just one click. This feature enables you to contribute meaningful insights and foster discussions based on the video content.

insert summary into comment

Claude 3 Haiku is Supported Now

Sider now supports Claude 3 Haiku, a fast and cost-effective model with advanced vision capabilities, ideal for enterprise applications. It processes data quickly, offers affordable pricing, and prioritizes security. Users can analyze large datasets efficiently and generate outputs for various tasks.

compare claude 3 with peers

Get Started with Sider v4.7 Today

Sider v4.7 is set to redefine your interaction with YouTube through innovative AI features, while also offering new avenues for creative exploration with Claude 3 Haiku. Whether you're a viewer, content creator, or a participant in the YouTube community, these enhancements are designed to elevate your engagement with video content.

Upgrade to Sider v4.7 today and unlock these exciting features. We're eager to hear your feedback and hope you find the new capabilities as enriching as we do. Happy viewing!