Account Issue

What to do if the phone number doesn't receive the verification code?

If you cannot receive the verification code, please confirm the following :

1) If you choose the right country code;

2) Whether the mobile phone number you entered is correct;

3) Sometimes network lag happens and it may take longer. If you still fail to receive the verification code after confirming above, please contact us at

How to bind the phone number with the current account?

You can bind your phone number on your account page.

sider account bind phone number

How to modify the username / nickname?

You can modify your username / nickname on your account page.

sider account edit nickname

How to delete the account?

If you wish to delete your account information, you can contact team members through for assistance.

Is it possible for multiple people to use one account or to log in to an account from multiple devices?

Currently, we don't support multiple users on one account, but we do allow multiple devices to use the same account. However, only one session can respond at a time.

Using ChatGPT web application but it always fails to respond.

The OpenAI side sometimes has changed some parameters, causing the ChatGPT Webapp not working. We will try to fix it in the next version. For now, you can use Sider API, Settings > General > How to access ChatGPT > Sider.