YouTube Video Summary

There are two methods to summarize YouTube videos:

Summarize Directly on YouTube

  1. Open any YouTube video, hit “Summarize Video” on the right of the video page.

make a full summary


  1. Click on timestamps in key moments to directly jump to specific parts of the video.
  2. Expand the key moments of the video.
  3. Use the chat feature to ask questions about the video.
  4. Insert summaries into comments for easy reference.
  5. Copy key moments with a single click.
  6. Extract video subtitles.
  7. Select your preferred output language for summaries.
  8. Close the ‘YouTube Summary’ feature until your next visit or disable globally.

youtube summary features

Summarize YouTube Video in Chat

  1. Open both the YouTube video and Sider sidebar.
  2. Chat > Read this page.
  3. Click “Summarize”.

summarize youtube in chat